Latest God of War Trailer Reveals a New Side to Kratos

A new God of War trailer has hit YouTube, revealing a new side of Kratos that fans of the series may not have seen before. Creative Director of the newest PS4 exclusive, Cory Barlog, offered insight into Kratos’ emotional state during the new game, how that differs from the Kratos we have come to love during previous games and the significance of Atreus, Kratos’ son.

During the trailer, Barlog reveals details about Kratos’ mental state and how it has come to be much more open than it had been previously. Barlog explains that during the previous games Kratos’ mentality was that it was “everyone’s fault, but never his.” However, since then, Kratos has developed into someone who is more accepting of the burdens of his sins. His travels to Midgard have made him grow a strange appreciation of being alone, and that solitude has helped him reflect to become the character we meet in the new God of War. A man who is no longer confident and self-assured.

According to Barlog, Kratos has “hit rock-bottom emotionally,” thus players will get to see how he handles the demons of his past. Barlog makes it clear that Kratos will not be “the white knight” at the end of the game, rather he will be a character that players will be satisfied to “have accomplished something with” by allowing him a chance to redeem himself. A part of that humanity will be brought to light by the character of Atreus, an indicator that Kratos has a vulnerable side that will come forth as the player progresses through the game.

Reviews for the newest God of War has made it one the top rated PS4 exclusive of all time, which speaks positively for fans who are eager to see this new side of Kratos. Be sure to check out the newest trailer for yourself, placed below for your viewing pleasure.