Rainbow Six Operation Para Bellum Leaked on 4chan

The Rainbow Six Operation Para Bellum DLC may have been leaked on 4chan, highlighting what the brand new season of the game is allegedly set to offer. Though the leak hasn’t been confirmed, fans of the game are convinced that it’s genuine, with it seemingly offering us our first look at how Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 Season 2 is going to pan out.

Hidden files uncovered by Reddit detectives previously revealed that Alibi and Maestro were set to be the new Rainbow Six operators, adding two new playable characters to take into combat. This new leak has now revealed some more information pertaining to these operators, outlining their unique gadgets and abilities.

The 4chan leak claims that Maestro, the male operator, will be equipped with an auto-turret that fires “multiple zaps,” suggesting that it will shoot out different ammo aside from standard bullets. Maestro will apparently need to be on the auto-turret’s cam in order to shoot, and he’s only equipped with only one turret, so when it’s been shot down by an enemy then he no longer has access to it during a round. He’s also equipped with an LMG as his primary weapon.

On the other hand, Alibi boasts hologram projectors that, when shot, will see the attack being tagged “Lion-style.” Presumably, this means that the full outline of their body becomes visible to the enemy team, similar to fellow operator Lion’s incredibly useful ability. Considering that Lion significantly altered the Rainbow Six Siege meta when he debuted, could Alibi have a similar impact on the game when she makes her way into the game?

The two operators can be seen below:

Rainbow Six Siege has remained enduringly popular thanks to its frequent updates, with its previous Operation Chimera season seeing the game top its record for most concurrent players. Ubisoft will be hoping that Operation Para Bellum is similarly successful, and these two new operators certainly sound interesting enough for this to be the case.