Fortnite Merchandise Makes its Way to Amazon

Fortnite merchandise is now being sold on an official Fortnite Amazon page, with the bank-rolling game having its very own store that features a variety of branded apparel. While these items are only going to appeal to the most dedicated of Fortnite fans, with its appeal having broadened to include even A-list celebrities such as Drake, these items may prove to be far more popular than you’d expect.

The Fortnite shirts and sweatshirts are very llama-centric, which is a little odd considering that llamas aren’t prominent fixtures of the game’s most popular Fortnite Battle Royale mode, and are instead more commonly seen in the base game. However, unless Epic Games was going to solicit a shirt with someone hurriedly building a brick wall, it’s understandable why the llama is more fashion-friendly.

If you’re wondering how much input Epic Games had when it came to this official merchandise, then each item also features a description which reads: “For real, someone from Epic Games typed this.”

At $35.99, some of the items can get a little pricey, though its t-shirts retail for $19.99 which make them affordable for dedicated Fortnite fans. With so many Twitch streamers owing a great deal to Fortnite‘s success, it surely won’t be long before some of the site’s most popular creators begin wearing this merch, which will in turn lead to plenty of Fortnite fans wearing it, too.

This Fortnite merchandise is yet another example of just how far the game has come since being derided as a PUBG clone back in 2017. With it having made its own impact and moved past PUBG as the most popular multiplayer game out there, there’s a strong chance that this Fortnite merch will fly off the shelves, and we’ll soon be inundated with teenagers wearing llama shirts.