Monster Hunter World Sales Reach Almost 8 Million Units as Capcom Announces Most Profitable Year in Company History

Monster Hunter World took the entire world by storm when it initially launched in late January. With little to no competition from major titles, it dominated the games industry for a few months. Now Capcom has revealed that its best-selling game ever is also the game which has certainly made a massive contribution towards the company’s most profitable year in history.

Monster Hunter World Capcom: Best-Selling Title Ever

Capcom broke the news via press release earlier today. The company announced that Monster Hunter World has managed to sell over 7.9 million copies worldwide in retail and digital, further consolidating its position as the (currently) best-selling Capcom title of all time. Resident Evil 5 was the previous record holder, which remains in second place with over 7.3 million units sold since it was launched back in 2009.

However, the tables are turned according to statistics released by Capcom. The Resident Evil franchise remains the best-selling game franchise for the company with 83 million units sold since its very first game in 1996. The Monster Hunter franchise comes in second with 48 million units sold. That’s fair considering the Resident Evil franchise has had an incredible 123 releases over the years while the Monster Hunter franchise has only had 41.

Monster Hunter World Capcom: Most Profitable Year Ever

For the fiscal year ending on March 31st, 2018, Capcom reported net sales of a whopping 94,515 million yen or roughly $867.5 million, which is an 8.4 percent increase over last year. Additionally, the company’s operating income has increased 17.5 percent to ¥16.04 million or $160.6 million, while its ordinary income is up 21.2 percent over the previous year to ¥15.3 million or $140.5 million.

Monster Hunter World was not the only title which contributed to Capcom’s success in the past year or so. Resident Evil 7 and Nintendo Switch titles such as Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) and Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers were huge hits as well.

Monster Hunter World Capcom: What’s next for Capcom?

The Japanese company is looking towards the future with plans to strengthen digital download sales and increase its pipeline of major title releases. eSports is also another sector that it will continue to explore as it has already established dedicated eSports division and facilities. The Street Fighter franchise will be a huge focus for Capcom in the development of its eSports business.