God of War Photo Mode Is a Delight

God of War got a new update today, and it’s possibly the best thing that has been added to the game since it originally debuted a few weeks back. That’s right, the God of War photo mode is now available and it is nothing short of delightful.

Kratos isn’t well known for smiling, in fact, we’re not quite sure Kratos has ever smiled outside of those ridiculously funny God of War gifs that have been circling around the internet lately. But we digress, what we’re trying to say is this: Kratos deserves to smile every now and then. Sure he’s done some pretty terrible things, but BOY, even a guy like him has to crack one out every so often, right?

With the 1.20 update answering our Kratos smiling prayers, it’s safe to say that some who haven’t used photo mode before might be wondering what features it has to offer and how to access it. Santa Monica Studios describes the mode as fans having the opportunity to “to jump into the director’s chair and experience God of War through the lens of your own camera.”

What’s more, players will be able to enable their creativity in a way that’s unique to them. Santa Monica Studios also added that “with the player choice being such a central theme to many of the decisions we made on God of War,” it made sense for a photo mode to eventually be included in the game.

As for how to access the photo mode, it’s pretty simple. The mode can either be accessed through the Options Menu or by enabling Touch-Pad Quick Access. There you will be able to move around the scenery using the left and right thumbsticks, as well as using the L2 and R2 buttons to pan up and down. To move back to your original position, simply press the Square button.

To learn more about the God of War photo mode, click here to visit the official blog post.