Square Enix Made $858m From Mobile Games Alone in 2017/2018

Square Enix are raking in the mobile moolah. The company’s results for the fiscal year ending 31 March 2018 are in and they’re showing unprecedented numbers, especially when it comes to the mobile market. Handheld and portable gaming has managed to even rake in over a quarter more than its console peers.

With a hearty hat tip to ResetERA user Nirolak, Square Enix were confirmed to have made $858m through mobile games this year, which is nearly more than their console/PC and MMO offerings combined. Console games took home $600m, while $291m came from MMOs.

The report, which you can read here, details a slight drop in ‘HD Games’ which has been levied by the meteoric rise of Square Enix in the mobile industry. The company can count Kingdom Hearts Unchained and Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius among its top titles, which come with a multitude of microtransactions and the like.

Despite this, some titles underperformed on mobile. These include the Yako Taro-helmed iOS title SINoALICE as well as a handful of Japanese-exclusive games. However, the overall findings, including next year’s projections, are strong.

Speaking of the future, Square Enix are pinning their hopes on one very big title which has now been confirmed for 2018: Kingdom Hearts 3. It’s there in writing and everything. 2018. No take-backs, guys. In all seriousness, it’s about as close as we can get to having concrete confirmation of the game’s 2018 release window as any delays past March 31, 2019 would likely to have to be flagged up here to warn investors.

On the MMO side of things, Final Fantasy XIV and Dragon Quest X helped Square Enix record their best year ever for the genre. Things are looking rosy right now across the board for Square Enix and, with one of the most-anticipated games of the decade still to come, it’s only going to get better.