Rainbow Six Siege Free Weekend Announced on PS4, Xbox One and PC

There’s a Rainbow Six Siege free weekend this week, and you’ll be able to play the game without paying on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You’ll be able to access all maps, modes and operators during May 17-20, and all versions of the game except Starter will be on sale at 50% off. You won’t even need Xbox Live Gold if you’re playing on Xbox One, but you will need PlayStation Plus on PS4.

You can preload the game now in time for the Rainbow Six Siege free weekend, which will begin at 10am PT/1pm ET on May 17, and end at 1pm PT/4pm ET on May 20. The free weekend comes after Ubisoft announced that two new Italian operators will be coming to the game as part of the Operation Para Bellum, which is going to be fully revealed during the Pro League Finals on May 19-20. It’s likely that Ubisoft are hoping to boost hype and awareness of this season with the free weekend, especially with these two events overlapping.

Ubisoft have released a trailer for one of the Italian operators, Alibi. The teaser gives us a few ideas about how she might play, hinting at the ability to deploy holographic decoys, as well as wielding a Beretta Mx4 storm carbine, which came to light in previous leaks. Alibi, real name Aria de Luca, seems like quite an interesting character; she’s a gold-winning European shooting champion and served with the Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale, an Italiam Special Operations Group.

Rainbox Six Siege has been out for three years now, but despite this the game is still going strong. It continues to maintain daily peaks of over 80,000 concurrent players, which ranks it as the 4th most-played game on Steam, just behind CSGODota 2, and then PUBG in the number one spot.

You can preload for the Rainbox Six Siege free weekend on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. And if you want to pick up the full game at a heavy discount, you can grab it on Steam, the PlayStation Store, and the Microsoft Store for 50% off when the free weekend starts.