Rocket League DLC Trailer Shows off Upcoming Cars, Arena, and Event

Almost three years after its initial release, developer Psyonix is still revealing new Rocket League DLC. The new trailer showcased a free new arena called Sandy Shores, an album from Monstercat, the start of competitive Season 8, and the Beach Blast summer event. The update releases on May 29th while the event runs from June 11th to July 2nd, which is right before the game’s third anniversary.

The Sandy Shores map is, as the name implies, near the beach and is the game’s sunniest arena yet. It’s surrounded by a pier theme park, planes flying overhead, and a small town by the beach. Psyonix stated on their blog that it’s “a permanent addition to all online playlists.”

Competitive Season 8 also starts next week and players will get their rewards from Season 7. The update also brings new songs from Rocket League x Monstercat Vol. 3 EP, which is a collaboration between a few different electronic artists. A sample can be heard in the trailer for the Rocket League DLC.

In addition to the music, new arena, and Competitive Season 8, players will now be able to report toxic servers. On a brighter note, the trailer also shows off the new Twinzer Battle-Car, which will be available to purchase next week when the patch hits. While a price wasn’t specified, most Rocket League DLC cars go for $1.99.

Psyonix gave no update on their upcoming Rocket Pass or their new progression system. They are removing the level cap and overhauling how players earn experience. In addition to those changes, players will be able to earn items in free and premium tiers. Premium tier purchasers have access to more items, but the cost has not yet been revealed. Judging by the roadmap Psyonix laid out a few weeks ago, the update is still scheduled to come out in July or August.