H1Z1 PS4 Open Beta Gets 1.5m Players on First Day

The H1Z1 PS4 open beta has reportedly had 1.5 million downloads on its first day. The free open beta for Daybreak Games‘ battle royale game released a couple of days ago. Despite multiple reported issues, it looks like the game is already a big success with PS4 players.

Currently, you’re able to play H1Z1 solo or in squads of five, with duo mode, likely before this week is over. But there have been multiple reports of issues with the game. Many players have encountered failed log-in attempts, purchase issues, server instability, long loading screens, and problems with in-game hit detection. This probably comes down to the massive influx of players, something Daybreak Games likely didn’t expect with an all-time peak of 150,000 players on H1Z1‘s Steam release.

And it’s success that Daybreak sorely needed. Last month, the company was met with allegations of ties to sanctioned Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg, whose assets were frozen by the U.S. Government in a move to target groups thought to be involved in “destabilising activities” in the United States.

Vekelsberg is the owner of Renova Group, who in turn own Colombus Nova, the company thought to own Daybreak Games. But even this is uncertain, with Daybreak claiming that current owner Jason Epstein is a “former member of Columbus Nova,” despite a statement from former President John Smedley citing Colombus Nova as the investment firm that purchased Daybreak.

Geopolitical scandal and intrigue aside, the scramble to the H1Z1 PS4 open beta is likely down to it being one of the only free battle royale alternatives to FortniteH1Z1 resembles PUBG more than it does Epic Games’ industry powerhouse, and combined with its current lack of any buy-in requirement makes it a potentially pretty solid competitor on PS4 if it maintains and expands its current player base on the platform.