Battlefield V Battle Royale Talks Ongoing, Says DICE Creative Director

If you need any further proof that battle royale is taking over the world then here it is: Battlefield V Battle Royale is almost certainly on the horizon. DICE Creative Director Lars Gustavsson even feels it can follow Battlefield traditions with its player count.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Gustavsson was asked about a post-launch possibility of Battlefield V Battle Royale which, as with all other post-launch content, would be free.

“We often come together and talk about how it’s a good fit for Battlefield, all of our vehicles and the sandbox and everything,” Gustavsson reveals. “So, there’s definitely talks happening and lots of excitement at where the market is heading, but there’s nothing we can talk about.”

Loose lips sink ship, Lars. While he may have said there’s nothing iron-clad about Battlefield V Battle Royale coming our way anytime soon, it does appear that the team at DICE are out chasing trends – and the furore around the likes of Fortnite seems to be the biggest one of all.

So, how would it work? 100 players as standard? 50? Gustavsson doesn’t want to stray too far from Battlefield’s core dynamic when it comes to bringing battle royale to the playing field, DICE style (if, of course, that’s what happens).

“We’d have to test!” Gustavsson says when asked about a 64 player count. “It’s interesting, I remember the design document for Battlefield 1942 which I have at home, and it says 128 players. But since then when we came out with 64, the time to battle and everything… We’ll see where we push in the future, but 64 players, we feel we have a high intensity on the battlefield.”

For now, we’ll have to make do with Call of Duty Black Ops 4 for our first taste of FPS Battle Royale gameplay – but you can bet Battlefield V won’t be far behind.

[Source: Eurogamer]