Unravel 2 Leaked Ahead of E3 Due to ESRB Rating Spotting

E3’s pipes sure are leaky, aren’t they? With less than 3 hours to go until E3 officially starts, there have been several leaks already spilling out of every nook and cranny. For someone who just wants to know all of the news ASAP, this is no doubt a blessing, for others? Not so much. Yet now, with Unravel 2 leaked, it feels as though the dam of spoilers is just about ready to burst.

This comes thanks to an eagle-eyed fan on ResetEra who spotted that the ESRB rating for Unravel 2 had appeared on the official ESRB website. What’s more, the ESRB summary revealed some rather interesting bits and pieces of information. The most prominent piece being the implication of co-op between you and a friend.

The ESRB summary reads as such, “This is a side-scrolling platformer in which players control a pair of fantastical creatures called Yarnys as they navigate environments. Players traverse platforms and avoid hazards by swinging from yarn lassos; some areas contain animals that chase/menace the player’s characters.” It continues. “The Yarnys are defeated when they are eaten by a fish, grabbed by birds, crushed by boulders, or run over by cars.”

A pair of Yarnys could only imply that co-op play will really be possible, and considering how beautiful and fun the previous game was, who wouldn’t want to share that experience?

Along with the ESRB summary of Unravel 2 leaked, the page also revealed a lack of a Switch release, having only been rated for Xbox One, PC and the PS4. This doesn’t really come as a surprise, though it will be a crushing blow for fans who wanted to see what Unravel had to offer on the Nintendo Switch.

To see more about E3, and possibly see more of Unravel 2, be sure to watch the festivities for yourself.