E3 2018: MMO Black Desert Online Revealed at Microsoft Conference

New console MMO Black Desert Online has been revealed at Microsoft’s E3 2018 conference, adding to the Xbox One’s MMORPG ranks.

Boasting a grab bag of fantasy elements alongside a Gothic aesthetic, Black Desert Online (which has been out on PC for a couple of years now) is making its way to consoles, and is sure to impress diehard MMO fans everywhere.

The 90-second trailer, which you can see below, showcases the high fantasy that the genre is known for, as well as the beautiful visuals that will command your attention. It’s like The Witcher 3 meets Kingdom Come Deliverance but on a worldwide scale.

If you’re looking for an MMO on console (no laughing at the back) then you’d do well to find one as promising and as intriguing as Black Desert Online. While details on the title are scarce, there is a beta for the MMO coming in Fall 2018, with sign-up details coming imminently.

So, what do you think? With Microsoft’s E3 conference being full of big names, big games and even bigger video game icons, this could be the one that may just capture the hearts and minds of MMO stalwarts everywhere. Sure, playing on console isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s one that could work given the easy to pick up nature of Black Desert Online.

With the game having been out for a few years on PC, the Xbox One version will certainly be playing catchup. Expect that to include all of the bells and whistles currently seen on PC, as well as possibly even more in the way of additional content.