E3 2018: Square Enix Showcase Lengthy New Just Cause 4 Gameplay Trailer

Square Enix has given us a nice long look at Just Cause 4. During its E3 Showcase, Square showed off a whole lot of new features that are looking likely to improve upon the lackluster Just Cause 3.

Originally announced in Microsoft’s E3 presentation, Square Enix has given us a much better look at Just Cause 4. We are told that Solis is the largest and most breathtaking world that anyone has seen in a Just Cause title. It certainly looks beautiful, full of wildlife and varied landscapes to explore, drive and glide your way through. Run by Gabriela and The Black Hand, it is Rico Rodriguez’s job to free the people in his own inimitable fashion.

Just Cause 4 is More Destructive Than Ever

With new, powerful weather effects, the physics-based destruction is even grander than before. Tornados rip up the world in their path, sandstorms, lightning strikes and blizzards change things up for the sandbox series. Square promise a larger variety of vehicles to control this time around, with (thankfully) re-worked handling. Cranes, jet skis and wrecking balls? Yes please.

If this isn’t enough, we are also shown that Rico’s grapple is fully customizable. New players will find it simpler, whereas Just Cause veterans look like they will have more fun than ever. There are more tethers than in Just Cause 3 and booster rockets in brand-new airlifters. The amount of customization is outstanding. Making the beautiful new sandbox sounds tremendously exciting to us. An overhaul of combat and more advanced enemy AI is also promised.

If Just Cause 4 manages to live up to any number of these promises, fans of the series are being treated to the finest entry yet. “When can I play the game?” I hear you cry. No fret, Just Cause 4 launches on PS4, Xbox One and Steam December 4th.