Cyberpunk 2077 Targets Current-Gen Release, Says CD Projekt Red

We finally received our first look at CD Projekt Red’s highly-anticipated follow-up to its The Witcher franchise. Cyberpunk 2077 first story trailer debuted at the Microsoft Xbox E3 2018 conference recently to the joy of gamers worldwide. It felt good to see that the game is closer to becoming a reality now. However, since the developer did not reveal a release date or gameplay footage to the public, some have been wondering whether we’ll even see the game on the current generation of consoles.

Cyberpunk 2077: Don’t Plan For A PS5 Just Yet

Speaking to GameInformer, Cyberpunk 2077 quest designer Patrick Mills said that the game is definitely targeting a current-gen release. Answering the question of whether it’s possible that the game won’t be releasing on current generation consoles, he replied: “I’ve heard a number of people say that. The current console generation is what we’re aiming for. We are aiming for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and of course PC as well.”

Although CD Projekt Red didn’t unveil any actual gameplay footage to the public, it did grant the media a private demo, which confirmed a lot of features in Cyberpunk 2077. The game is described as an open-world FPS RPG, where players will assume the role of a male or female character named V. He or she will be fully-voiced and gameplay will be in first-person. However, cutscenes will in third-person, allowing players to see their characters.

Classes will not have to be picked in the beginning, as the class system depends on choices made throughout the game, with both melee and ranged combat. The story and quest system will be executed similar to The Witcher 3, with choices and consequences affecting the game’s world. There will also be a range of vehicles including futuristic flying cars, which players can drive ala GTA V. Check out more details and information about the game in our article here.