PUBG Event Pass Price and Further Details Revealed

We have more details about the upcoming PUBG event pass. It’ll cost you $10, and we know how many levels it’ll consist of, what you’ll get in terms of XP, and some of the exclusive outfits and other items you’ll get as rewards.

Announced overnight, the PUBG event pass is PUBG Corp‘s newest way of monetising the game without going back on last year’s promise of not selling maps as paid DLC. A PUBG event pass will consist of 30 levels of daily, weekly, and map-specific challenges and missions over a four-week period. For the Sanhok event pass, this will run from June 22 until July 21. You can tackle all of the challenges without paying and your progress will still be tracked, but to claim the 30 rewards for each level, you’ll need to pay up.

You also won’t be able to access the map-specific challenges, in this case, the Sanhok missions. Completing these missions upon purchasing will give you the opportunity to unlock exclusive Sanhok-themed outfits and a jungle skin for the SCAR-L rifle as rewards. But how do you level up? For every five minutes, you survive in a match, you’ll earn 2 XP, with a cap of 80 XP per day. If you’ve purchased the event pass, it’ll be doubled to 4 XP every five minutes.

All of the temporary items you can win will expire when the event pass is over, and if you don’t purchase the PUBG event pass then the non-temporary items will also expire. Once you reach level 16, you’ll unlock a free in-game name change. At level 20, you’ll unlock the Snowflower parachute skin. If you really want that extra boost, you can also pay a further $5 on top of the $10 base cost in order to get boosted by 5 levels.

It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out and what the player response will be like to the new PUBG event pass system. It’s all available to try out now on PUBG‘s test server if you want to give it a little look.