Deandre Ayton Hilariously Messes up Call of Duty Tweet

Twitter is an unforgiving place. Make one mistake and people are on you in a flash. This is what Deandre Ayton (likely No. 1 NBA draft pick) has found out, anyway. Yesterday, Mr. Ayton posted quite the snafu in his Call of Duty Black Ops 4 tweet.

In what can only be described as a copy and paste disaster, Ayton seriously messed up his promotional Call of Duty Black Ops 4 tweet. Instead of tweeting out his own message, Ayton posted the message the instructions he received. More like Black Oops 4, am I right? It’s really quite funny:

Of course, the NBA hot property quickly deleted the instruction tweet. Thankfully, at least one user was on hand to promptly grab a screenshot before it disappeared. Oh dear. This is exactly why you need to read your tweets before you send them, folks. Soon after deleting his original (hilarious) tweet, Ayton posted the far more boring final form:

Just Write in an SEO-rich Subhead About Ayton’s Call of Duty Tweet – Management

We’ve all made mistakes, but not all of us will have as many followers as Deandre Ayton. For most of us, deleting tweets that we got wrong is a daily ritual, but, unlike the unfortunate Ayton, we likely won’t have anyone grab it before it’s gone. Oh, the perils of being famous. At least we know now that Ayton did have an “awesome time” with the Black Ops 4 crew, and isn’t that lovely?

What this shows is that posting, and promptly deleting, an error-filled tweet isn’t worth it. It’s like Ayton’s real tweet never saw the light of day. All anybody can talk about is the copy-pasted original. He should have stuck with it – nobody was meant to know that’s not what he meant. It’s all a learning experience for the lad.