Forgotton Anne Gets Language Update and Steam Sale

Cinematic indie adventure game Forgotton Anne will soon be getting a major update that brings multiple language options with it. To mark the occasion, developer Throughline Games will be offering it at a 25% discount as part of the Steam summer sale.

In Forgotton Anne, you assume the role of the titular Anne, an enforcer that keeps order in the Forgotten Lands, a magical world inhabited by creatures made up of lost items called ‘Forgotlings.’ There are some light puzzle-platforming elements in its 2D world, but the focus is definitely on the story. The game’s art style is absolutely gorgeous, inspired by the much-loved Studio Ghibli movies, and serves the narrative in a very effective and impactful way.

The major update will add a few things, but there are a couple of stand-out features. One is the expansion of the game’s language options. Right now, the game only has English voice acting with subtitle and interface options in French and German. When this new update rolls in you’ll be able to choose from Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Polish. The game is also finally getting support for Mac users. Alfred Nguyen, Creative Director and co-founder of Throughline Games, said: “This marks the next stage in Forgotton Anne’s journey, and we’re really pleased to bring the game to new gamers, adding language support for scores of new countries and, indeed, support for Steam players on Mac as well.”

You can pick up Forgotton Anne in the Steam summer sale, at a 20% from its retail price of $19.99. It’s received a mountain of critical praise, rarely dipping below an 8/10 and with recommendations from Eurogamer and Trusted Reviews. All of these reviews feature in the accolade trailer for the game, put together by Throughline Games “to mark the occasion – some of the reviews we received really touched us.”