PS4 Fortnite Bundle Revealed, Includes Royale Bomber Skin

A PS4 Fortnite bundle has been revealed, which includes the base system, access to a special Royale Bomber skin, and 500 V-Bucks. While this isn’t the Fortnite PS4 news that the majority of players have been hoping for, it’s still a significant announcement that many gamers will be interested in. Depending on the price, which has yet to be revealed, the PS4 Fortnite bundle could be the ideal entry point for fans of the game who are currently playing on mobile. The bundle could also be great for the more casual gamers looking to finally upgrade to a next-gen platform.

PS4 Fortnite Bundle Unboxing: What’s Inside?

As I’ve mentioned above, the PS4 Fortnite bundle comes with the base PS4 system (not a PS4 Pro), a code to unlock the Legendary Royale Bomber skin, and also 500 V-Bucks (~$5 in value). This announcement was made by the official PlayStation Italy Facebook account, which also revealed a launch date of July 16 (potentially different for other regions). Despite giving us a release date, PlayStation Italy didn’t share a price.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding PS4 when it comes to Fortnite, due to the console’s inability to cross-play with Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. I wonder if this will impact sales of the new PS4 bundle.

Is the Royale Bomber Skin Exclusive to the Fortnite PS4 Bundle?

PS4 Fortnite Bundle

For existing players who love collecting every skin, the Fortnite Royale Bomber is a must-have. This Legendary skin has been leaked for quite some time now, and the more hardcore members of the community have been growing restless, praying for it to finally hit the in-game store. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the Royale Bomber will be coming to the Fortnite store anytime soon, as it’s being offered as part of the Fortnite PS4 bundle.

While there’s not yet any confirmation as to whether the Fortnite Royale Bomber skin is exclusive to the PS4 bundle, I think it probably will be. (If that’s the case, expect to see loads of keys being sold on eBay for stupid amounts of money!)

[via PlayStation Italy]