Esper Coming to PSVR and HTC Vive

First-person VR indie puzzle game Esper is coming to PSVR, the HTC Vive and Oculus Go in the next two weeks. The game originally came out on the Samsung Gear VR, and later on Microsoft Mixed Reality and the Oculus Rift as part of Esper the Collection, and it’s finally entering other VR platforms.

Esper is a first-person VR “telekinetic puzzle” game. It’s set in 1975 London, where people have started to develop strange abilities that the government investigate using rigorous aptitude tests. You, the player, are chosen for these tests and are tasked with using your telekinetic powers to complete puzzles to prove you’re not dangerous and win your freedom. It first released on the Samsung Gear VR, which let you interact with the world by looking at objects and tapping a button on the side of the headset to pick them up and move them around, making you feel like Professor X.

It later came to the Oculus Rift as part of Esper the Collection, which was also bundled with the sequel. “Esper is where the VR journey began for Coatsink and it holds a dear place in our hearts,” said Coatsink CEO Tom Beardsmore. “Having Oculus approach us in the early days of modern day VR and trust our then small team to build and create an acclaimed VR game for Gear VR was nothing short of incredible.”

This is the first time that Esper will be stepping outside of the Oculus ecosystem if you exclude Microsoft Mixed Reality. It’s not Coatsink’s only VR game, with titles like Augmented Empire and They Suspect Nothing also existing in virtual reality. These games are also available on the Oculus GO, but we haven’t yet seen them also leave this ecosystem. They’re coming to the Xiaomi Mi, a Chinese VR headset, but I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll all go multi-platform soon. Esper will release on the PSVR and Oculus GO on June 29, and on HTC Vive on July 6.