Destiny 2 Free Trial This Weekend on PS4

Bungie has something for patient, potential Guardians. The studio has just announced an upcoming Destiny 2 free weekend. Starting on June 29th at 12:01 am PST and ending on July 2nd at 10 am PST, players will be able to play all of Destiny 2 for no charge. The trial is only available on PS4 for now and there has been no word of it coming to Xbox One or PC.

Communications Director at Bungie David Dague, also known as DeeJ, laid out the details on the PlayStation Blog. PS4 players can preload the trial right now so it will be ready to play right at launch. It features the full game and all of its modes but PlayStation Plus is required for multiplayer modes. Players who decide to purchase the game will be able to carry over their progress from the trial. Bungie has not mentioned whether or not the free weekend is coming to Xbox One or PC, but Xbox One owners already had a Destiny 2 free trial earlier this month.

Destiny 2 launched well enough for most but its issues stacked up over time and continually made its playerbase angry. To combat some of the game’s problems, Bungie announced an Annual Pass and a new expansion. Both are positioned to give players more content and address their concerns.

The Annual Pass is a way for Bungie to churn out more consistent updates. These content drops will come out between expansions and won’t be as big, but will come out more frequently. More gear, stronger weapons, new activities, and more end game content will make up these drops.

Forsaken is the next big expansion and sounds like this game’s version of The Taken King, the most substantial expansion for the first Destiny. Forsaken will include a new PVP mode called Gambit where teams must compete and kill AI for a currency that they must deposit in the enemy team’s bank. It’ll also include more maps, exotics, subclass paths, and more as well as a new story and world. It is set to launch on September 4th.