Pokémon Go Fest Apology Fest Announced

Niantic Lab’s Pokemon Go has always had a trouble when it comes to keeping the people happy, so we’re not too surprised that something has gone wrong once again. This time it’s about the first of three planned live Safari Zone events at Dortmund, Germany. During the event, players were given the opportunity to catch Unown, Shiny versions of Rosalia, and have the chance to obtain 2 special KM eggs throughout Dortmund.

But Niantic Labs has once again stumbled, just as they did with Pokemon Go Fest back in May. While they’ve not had anything wrong with their ticket sales lately, the Safari Zone event in Dortmund was met with a range of problems, such as network traffic issues. What’s more, many of the players during the event wasn’t able to log into the ARG at all, causing more and more frustration for the individuals playing. The problem was eventually fixed by Saturday night, but the damage was already done.

The uproar led to the only viable conclusion: Pokemon Go promising to host a Europe-wide event later on in the week. You’ll be able to see the tweet for yourself below.

That’s one hell of an apology, though we’re uncertain why Niantic Labs didn’t include any other information on what this event could be. That said, it will at least give European fans some time to cool down before they jump back into pokemon hunting once more. Of course, there are plenty of other events that fans will have access to. Let’s just hope they don’t end as terribly as the Pokemon Go Fest tickets.