Final Fantasy 15 Power Rangers Mod Makes it Morphin’ Time for Noctis and Pals

Final Fantasy 15 features one of the tightest knit teams since the Power Rangers, and it’s only appropriate that the boys get their chance to morph into action. This Power Rangers mod set for FFXV gives you the ability to play as the Green, Red, Blue, and Black Rangers throughout the game. You can even equip their iconic weapons for maximum authenticity.

The Final Fantasy 15 Power Rangers mod set was created by steam user Jazneo. Not only does it include the base uniform, Green for Noctis, Red for Gladiolus, Blue for Ignis, and Black for Prompto, but you’ll also get the sweet ranger weapons you barely get to see in the show. Noctis receives the Dragon Dagger, but no Dragon Zord unfortunately. Gladiolus gets the Power Sword (in regular and large sword varieties). Ignis gets the Power Lance which can be used as a spear or daggers. Finally, Prompto receives the Cosmic Cannon which can unfortunately only be used in cannon mode.

Unfortunately, two big things are missing from the mods. There are no zords, which were my favorite part of the show. And you can’t use the Blade Blasters in battle. They remain firmly in their holsters. Hopefully, Jazneo will get around to making some new additions to the pack soon. I’d love to get a chance to upgrade Noctis into the White Ranger or maybe use the ridiculous Power Blaster which combines all the ranger’s signature weapons.

If you want to have a Super Sentai good time with Noctis and company, you can get the Power Rangers mod pack on Steam Workshop right now. You just need a copy of Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition, and you’re golden. Plus, lets face it, when was the last time there was a good licensed Power Rangers game? This is the best you’re gonna get for now. Have a morphin’ good time!