Bomber Crew Lands on Consoles Today

Strategic simulation indie game Bomber Crew is launching today on July 10 for Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. After a successful bombing run on PC last year, it’s finally coming to consoles and is even being bundled in with Xbox Game Pass.

Bomber Crew took to the virtual skies on Steam last October, where it was met with plenty of positive reception. It’s a strategic management game that bears some resemblance to the likes of FTL: Faster Than Light, where you control the crew of a World War 2 era bomber plane flying out on missions. You pick your crew, each with different stats and specialities, and you switch between each crew member to plot your course, spy on enemy encampments and blast away hostile fighter planes.

To add another layer of strategy and difficulty, you also need to tackle a few other obstacles, like bad weather that can severely damage your plane. There’s also an oxygen mechanic to add another spin; the higher you fly your bomber, the less oxygen there is in the air around the plane, putting your crew at risk of passing out. Having to keep all of this into account while also completing your mission and ensuring that you don’t get blown out of the sky by anti-air guns or other airborne antagonists makes the Bomber Crew experience tense and exciting.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about Bomber Crew‘s console release is that the game feels like it’ll be an excellent fit on the Nintendo Switch. It’s easy to hop in to complete a mission or two here or there, something that’ll be fantastic in a portable device. If you don’t mind your video games stationary, however, you can pick it up on Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, and PS4 today, and it’s also currently %50 off on Steam.