Pokemon Go Generation 4 Update Teased in Image Commemorating Second Anniversary

When is the Pokemon Go Generation 4 release date? Soon, it seems! Pokemon Go, the mobile game behemoth that took the world by storm, is now two years old. It remains extremely popular worldwide but there’s one problem. The game has only featured three generations of Pokemon since its launch, while there are now an incredible seven generations of the adorable creatures. However, that looks like it could change sometime soon, thanks to an image shared by the official Pokemon Go Twitter account earlier today.

The image, commemorating Pokemon Go‘s second anniversary, features many different Pokemon, most of which have appeared in the game. Curiously, it also includes Chimchar, Turtwig, and Piplup. These three were starter Pokemon originally introduced in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Originating from the Sinnoh region, these three belong to the fourth generation of Pokemon, which hasn’t been officially added to the game yet.

It’s possible that a Pokemon Go Generation 4 Update could be announced as soon as this weekend. You heard that right. We say that because this weekend will be when the Pokemon Go Fest 2018 takes place. It will be held at Lincoln Park in Chicago, from July 14 to July 15, 2018. That’s probably the best time for major announcements to happen, as it’s arguably the biggest annual Pokemon Go event. Unfortunately, developer Niantic has not confirmed when, or even if, Generation 4 Pokemon would arrive in Pokemon Go.

Meanwhile, players will have the game’s second-anniversary celebration to look forward to. Pikachu and Pichu will be appearing more frequently, and there is the confirmation of Generation 2 legendary Celebi arriving in the near future. It certainly looks like the mobile game still has a lot to offer, despite being two years old. It was also recently confirmed that Pokemon Go has reached a whopping 800 million downloads. The game looks to be thriving thanks to the efforts of Niantic and The Pokemon Company, with constant updates and events.