World Cup 2018 Fortnite “Take the L” Dance Labeled as Disgusting by Viewers

What a whirlwind the World Cup has been. It almost makes us wonder when World Cup 2018 Fortnite may happen, as the game has been taking over the world of gamers, which apparently also includes well-paid footballers! As you may know, the World Cup finally ended with a bang and a baguette, with France beating Croatia, 4-2.

When one of the players, Antoine Griezmann, scored, he celebrated with a dance that many Fortnite fans will find familiar. Yes, that’s right, it’s the legendary “Take The L” dance, and it got a good laugh off more than a few people when it was performed. What’s more, it isn’t the first time Greizmann has performed the dance, having done so before during France’s match with Argentina as well as the backpack emote dance during the 2017/18 Europa League campaign.

You can see the dance yourself in this tweet from Fox Soccer below.

What a dance! No wonder Fortnite fans have been celebrating it ever since it aired. However, despite the praise Griezmann has received, there’s been more than a fair share of viewers who felt that the dance was not only disgusting, but disrespectful too. And well, maybe critics do have a point considering the French striker performed the dance right in front of Croatia’s supporters. Of course, it can be argued that the player was just having some fun, and shouldn’t be dictated to over a simple dance from Fortnite.

If you’re curious about the Take the L dance and wanted to know more about where it came from, and why it was included in Fortnite and Epic Game’s plans for 2019, check out this article. If you want to replicate the dance for yourself within Fortnite, you’ll want to keep your eyes on the in-game store.