The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners Releases on VR in 2019

The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners has officially been announced by Skydance Interactive and is said to debuting worldwide sometime in 2019. What’s more, this zombie-chomping adventure will only be for VR for extra jump scares, though it’s still not been confirmed what platforms the newest game set in the grisly world of Walking Dead will be on. And if you’re concerned that this will just be another cheap rip-off, then don’t be. Robert Kirkman is said to be working closely alongside the developers.

If you’ve always fancied a trip to New Orleans but never have the time, then you’ll be pleased to know that’s where this latest Walking Dead game is said to be set. In fact, not only will you potentially be seeing New Orleans for the first time, but it’ll be flooded too. We can already imagine what a nightmare those water levels are going to be when we play them next year.

Thankfully you won’t just be making your way through New Orleans for the fun of it, you’ll also encounter individuals who are struggling to survive in what’s left of the city they used to call home. Whether they will be friendly or not depends on the survivor, but what we do know is that walkers will apparently be the least of your problems.

This isn’t the only Walking Dead game that has been announced recently. Only a few weeks ago was it revealed that the franchise would be getting its own mobile AR game, The Walking Dead: Our World. It released last Thursday on the 12th of July. However, this game is said to work a lot like Pokemon Go, rather than the VR-based interactivity that will be prominent in The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners.

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