Devil May Cry 5 Nero Gameplay at PAX West Panel with “Special Surprises”

Only a week after what’s expected to be a huge showcase at Gamescom, PAX West will see Hideaki Itsuno and others showcase new Devil May Cry 5 Nero gameplay as part of a panel titled “The SSStylish gameplay of Devil May Cry 5.” The announcement on the PAX West website says we’ll get more info on how Nero’s robotic “Devil Breaker” arm will work, and promises some “special surprises.”

So far, all any of us have seen of the upcoming Devil May Cry 5 is the flashy trailer that Capcom showed off at E3 earlier this year. We should expect to see a whole lot more, however, at Gamescom later this month as part of a big showcase. Only a week later at PAX West, DMC5 producers Matt Walker and Michiteru Okabe, and director Hideaki Itsuno will be showcasing even more Devil May Cry 5 Nero gameplay as part of the “The SSStylish gameplay of Devil May Cry 5” panel.

“Legendary Devil May Cry director Hideaki Itsuno and producers Michiteru Okabe and Matthew Walker take a special flight all the way from Osaka, Japan to come show you all-new gameplay from Devil May Cry 5, and walk you through what makes it Smokin’ Sick Stylish,” reads the announcement on the PAX West website. “If you wanna know all about Nero’s new robotic “Devil Breaker” arms or are curious about our special surprises, this is a panel you won’t want to miss!”

The tail end of August is looking pretty ram-packed full of new news for Devil May Cry 5. With the Gamescom showcase and PAX West panel combined, it won’t be very long until we know a hell of a lot more about Devil May Cry 5 than we ever have before. With the pressure from series fans to deliver after the divisive DMC: Devil May Cry, it’s going to be interesting to see what Capcom has to deliver.