Bloodborne Board Game Comes to Kickstarter in 2019

From Software’s masterpiece, Bloodborne, has captured the hearts and minds of those who has witnessed its world ever since it was released in 2015. But now, with a Bloodborne board game set to come to Kickstarter next year, fans will possibly get the chance to move away from their consoles and try their hand at kicking ass in real life.

The Bloodborne board game reveal came from Eric M. Lang, one of the designers that will be bringing this dark RPG to your tabletop. CMON Games, known for their board game news and event coverage, is going to be taking the idea to Kickstarter next year in the hope that there will be enough attention from fans to back the board game.

From the looks of Lang’s tweet, as well as the replies to it, it already looks like there are more than a few individuals willing to throw their money at the chance of stepping into the Gothic city Yharnam without having to boot up their console.

Unfortunately, there was not much information to be able to infer what we could expect from the Bloodborne board game. However, in an interview with Lang, CMON Games did ask a few significant questions. Lang reassured potential players that they would not need to be a fan of the original video game in order to get into the upcoming board game.

That said, the game is said to follow the lore of Bloodborne, so brushing up your memory on the game would not hurt. If you still have not managed to get the game out of your backlog, then now might be a good time to start playing one of 2015’s finest titles. Bloodborne: The Board Game will be releasing sometime next year on Kickstarter 2019.