Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct: Simon Belmont Revealed

Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct has just confirmed Simon Belmont as a playable character. A sweet new trailer announced him, with poor old Luigi actually getting killed by Death. Simon turns up, and whips Death, to, erm, death. Alongside the Castlevania legend is a stage of his very own – Dracula’s Castle!

Simon Belmont has been given a bit of a makeover, but still attacks with his famous Holy Whip weapon. It’s a little slow, but has a long reach. You can even move his whip freely. His Axe, Cross, Upper Cut, and Holy Water make the cut, too, as Special Attacks. His Final Smash is Grand Cross, which has you lock your opponent in a coffin with your whip, and then blasts them away. So goth.

Dracula’s Castle looks like a neat stage, with plenty of memorable faces joining the fray. Medusa, The Creature and Flea Man, Mummy, Carmilla, Werewolf and Death all join in the fun. Once in a full moon, Dracula even turns up to deal out some serious damage. There are even more teased, too. The attention to detail doesn’t end there, either. When you attack a candle, an item will fall out. Who knows, you might luck out and find some meat!

A grand total of 34 music tracks are part of the stage, too. Sakurai and his team have put a Hell of a lot of effort into Simon Belmont. We can’t wait to play as Simon Belmont. He looks like a stellar addition to the game’s roster. Simon Belmont fighting Ridley just seems right. Super Smash Bros Ultimate releases exclusively on Nintendo Switch December 7.

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