Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct: 103 Stages Included!

During the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct, Sakurai confirmed that a whopping grand total of 103 will be in the final game. Super Smash Bros Ultimate is bigger than any previous Smash game. A lot bigger. During the direct, it was announced that we’ll be able to morph two stages together, too.

Indeed, we’ll be able to choose any two stages and have them morph into one another as a neat new feature. What stages will you be morphing? Maybe the new ones? Alongside all the announcements, a few new stages were announced. Dracula’s Castle, for one. New Donk City was finally confirmed, too. We even got a look at a Monster Hunter stage! There’s a lot of new content here, folks.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct

Fans of the more competitive side of Smash Bros are able to turn off all stage hazards, too. Which is a great new feature if you’re speaking to the right people. Another neat feature for the more competitive-minded is the ability to play any stage as a Battlefield or Final Destination variation. In all, with every variant taken into account, there are over 300 playable stages in Smash Bros Ultimate!

We can’t wait to fight across all of these stages, new and old. The only issue we’ll have is finding the time to try them all out! Super Smash Bros Ultimate is shaping up to be the true ultimate Smash Bros game. Check out below a list of all our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct coverage! You know you want to.

All images sourced from the Nintendo Direct stream.