Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct: King K. Rool Joins the Roster

This Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct just doesn’t stop giving. With the presentation seemingly at an end, a short trailer started playing featuring Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong just hanging out… until they were met with a brand-new fighter: the villainous King K. Rool is coming to Smash Bros, and he’s bringing some snappy weaponry with him.

Nintendo was able to troll us all just for a little bit, however. The unmistakable shadow of King K. Rool peeked out from the trees, but it was revealed to be King Dedede just fooling around. That is, until the real King K. Rool popped up behind the Kirby character and announced his arrival to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate scene in startling fashion.

Coming equipped with his trademark blunderbuss, the Donkey Kong villain looks to be one of the more unique entries into an already swollen roster. He’s also got a big boxing glove ready to layeth the smackdown on anyone who dares come near him. To put it plainly, King K. Rool might not end up a tournament-tier character, but the reptilian will put many a fighter into touch with his seemingly hard-hitting moveset. I’m getting real Bowser 2.0 vibes over here.

His, ahem, crowning achievements, though, appear to be the inclusion of the mini-helicopter protruding from his cape, as well as the big belly flop that can send foes flying.

I can’t wait to get to grips with him come December 7 but surely, that’s it for character reveals now, right? Right?

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