Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct: 900 Music Tracks, Music Customization, and More

In the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct, Nintendo announced that Super Smash Bros Ultimate music will feature around 900 tracks, equating to over 28 hours of music. You can also select specific tracks for each stage, no longer limited to specific track lists, anyou can even pick any music from the series the stage is tied to. There’s also an option to customize how often you hear each music track during play.

In the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct, Nintendo announced that it’s ram-packing Super Smash Bros Ultimate with music spanning their entire catalogue, all the way back to the original NES. There are 800 tracks to sample from, and including all other orchestrations in the game that figure totals up to around 900 pieces of music in the game, over 28 hours’ worth. Until now, each stage had a specific set of music that you could have the chance of hearing, but now that’s expanded – you’ll hear all the music from a stage’s game series when you play on it now.

They’ve even added a sound test menu sorted into different game series that you can go into and listen to at your leisure. As Nintendo puts it, “It’s like having an album for each series.” If a track doesn’t have a corresponding fighter or series or is only for one game, it’ll be listed in an “Other” section. On top of that, you can create your own playlists, with no limit as to the number that you can make and the ability to play music even when the screen is off in handheld mode – Nintendo has effectively turned Super Smash Bros Ultimate into one big Nintendo-specific iPod, which is pretty mental when you think about it.

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