Smash Bros Ultimate Campaign Teased in Smash Direct

During today’s Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct, a mysterious new mode was teased. Towards the very end of the presentation, Sakurai gave us a look at the game’s main menu screen. On this screen was a big, blurred section. Could this be the rumored Super Smash Bros Ultimate campaign? Just what will the mysterious Smash Bros single-player mode be?

Long has it been rumored that Nintendo is bringing back a Smash Bros campaign. Melee had a basic one in adventure mode, but Brawl brought in the Subspace Emissary. Much to a good number of fans disgust, however, it was removed in Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS. Will it be coming back in Ultimate? We like to think that it is.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Campaign

Why else would Nintendo blur one of the bigger objects on the game’s main menu? “As you can see, there’s a mysterious mode here, but we can’t talk about that just yet.” Nintendo wouldn’t tease a silly bonus feature or anything like that. We think they have something big lined up. A big Super Smash Bros Ultimate campaign sounds like just the thing to tie everything up with a neat little bow.

We say that, but it’s not exactly like there isn’t enough content in Smash Bros Ultimate already. Nintendo just announced five new characters including King K. Rool and Simon Belmont, along with the fact that there will be 103 stages to fight across! Smash fans are in for a real treat this Holiday season already, but a campaign would be the icing on the cake.

Hopefully, it’s not long before we learn about this mysterious new mode. Personally, we’re hoping for a new campaign that can rival the majesty of the brilliant Subspace Emissary. Maybe if we all cross our fingers hard enough, our dreams will come true.