The Walking Dead The Final Season Official Trailer

The Walking Dead The Final Season Trailer Reveals Story Details and New Characters

Telltale Games has finally released The Walking Dead The Final Season official trailer less than one week before the game launches on August 14, 2018. After six years’ worth of games and many seasons later, we will finally be witnessing the end of Clementine‘s journey. The new trailer will definitely tug at the heartstrings of many, especially for those who started playing from the beginning.

The Walking Dead The Final Season official trailer begins by recapping the final moments between Clementine and The Walking Dead Season One protagonist Lee. This plays into the final line that Clementine speaks at the end of the trailer. We then meet our first new character, a teenager named Marlon, who is the leader of a group of survivors comprising of teenagers and children. Clementine meets Marlon at a place called Ericson’s Boarding School for Troubled Youth, which is where the “beginning of the end” is supposed to take place.

Additionally, there are several other characters that we meet in the trailer, whose names are Violet, Louis, and Willy. Later in the trailer, Clementine and her new group of friends discover evidence of sabotage. Marlon looks like he’s going to be a cool new character, with a bow and arrow as his main weapon of choice. A lot of things presumably goes wrong. and we see walkers overrunning the place. Clementine then says: “The first person who taught me about survival was Lee. He taught me how to say goodbye.”

We received our first look at The Walking Dead The Final Season‘s actual gameplay footage last month, and a playable demo was released last week, containing the first fifteen minutes or so of the game. If anyone hasn’t played any of the previous seasons, Telltale Games recently launched a Story Builder. This will allow them to replay all the vital decisions from past entries and create their own Clementine, which can be brought into The Walking Dead The Final Season.

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