Overwatch Summer Games Event and Healer Changes Now Live

For the third year in a row, Overwatch is holding another summer event and, like those previous years, it has started almost exactly when Blizzard said it would. The patch for the Overwatch Summer Games is now live on all platforms. It marks the limited return of competitive and quick play Lúcioball and over 50 new sports-themed cosmetics for most of the cast including patriotic skins for Brigitte, Moira, and Sombra. The update also reworks most of the healers as well as a making small adjustments to other heroes.

While we have known when the Overwatch Summer Games were kicking off as well as some of the skins, the patch notes reveal some of the changes that have been on the PTR for a few weeks. These tweaks mostly revolve around healers in an effort to even the playing field and make each more viable.

Ana’s Nano Boost ultimate now heals 300 health points on its target. Brigitte’s Shield Bash ability now has a seven-second cooldown instead of six. Lúcio’s aura has been increased to 12 meters (from 10) and his Sound Barrier ultimate now gives 750 shields (instead of 500). Moira’s healing spray now recharges slightly quicker and Mercy’s healing rate has been toned down. It will take a few weeks for the meta to evolve but these changes look like appropriate ways to level the healer playing field.

There were more sweeping changes to other heroes but only concerning their ultimates. Genji, Winston, Pharah, Zenyatta, Junkrat, and Roadhog will have their ammo reloaded after they use their iconic special attacks. Blizzard has been slowly doing this to other heroes like Reaper, but now has added it to the other parts of the roster.

The update also contained tiny revisions to some of the other non-healer heroes as well. Zarya’s ultimate has a smaller range, but her laser energy drains more slowly. Hanzo’s Lunge ability now has a five-second cooldown (up from four). Widomaker’s grappling hook also now has a longer recharge time and is now 10 seconds, which is up from eight. Symmetra’s primary gun reaches farther, the emblem on Reinhardt’s shield no longer protrudes, and, of course, Sombra’s head is now smaller.