Read Only Memories Definitive Edition Releases on Switch

MidBoss Games has announced that the Read Only Memories definitive edition is now available on the Nintendo SwitchRead Only Memories INTEGRAL will include all of the content added to other versions of the game since release, including the fully remastered “PUNKS” side story and new jukebox and gallery modes featuring unreleased art and music.

It’s been three years since Read Only Memories first made its way to PC in October 2015 and received fairly positive reviews on account of its narrative, characters, and visual presentation. After eventual ports to PS4 and Xbox One, which combined to make for over 200,000 copies sold, MidBoss Games has released the Read Only Memories “definitive edition,” Read Only Memories INTEGRAL, for the Nintendo Switch today.

Read Only Memories INTEGRAL is the complete package — as well as the full game complete with all updates and extra content, like fully-voiced characters and additional narratives, the Read Only Memories Definitive Edition will come bundled with the fully remastered “PUNKS” side story, and new gallery and jukebox modes that will feature previously unreleased music and art from the game’s conceptual stages, all of which is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

“We are passionate about diversity at MidBoss and part of our reason for bringing 2064: Read Only Memories to Nintendo Switch is to share that passion with as many people as possible,” said Cade Peterson, the interim CEO of MidBoss Games. “It’s also allowed us to draw together all the awesome bits we’ve added to 2064 over the years into what we fondly call the ultimate version.”

Earlier this year, MidBoss Games saw controversy after allegations of underpayment and sexual harassment, which led to former CEO and founder of queer games expo Matt Conn to step down from the role. New CEO Cade Peterson replaced Conn in April and has since severed all ties with the founder of MidBoss and made changes to company policies and personnel. Since then, there have been no further allegations.