Gamescom 2018: Cyberpunk 2077 Story Playable From Start to Finish

The release of Cyberpunk 2077 is still a long way off, even though the game has been in development for over six years. The title received a memorable re-announcement trailer at Microsoft’s E3 conference, but we still have no clue when the game is actually going to release. However, that release might be sooner than we think, as developer CD Projekt RED revealed at Gamescom that the main Cyberpunk 2077 story is actually complete and playable from start to finish.

In an interview with EngadgetCyberpunk 2077 game producer Richard Borzymowski talked about the game and rather casually dropped the bombshell the game is actually somewhat complete, albeit missing a lot of assets and polish [but unsurprisingly has plenty of Polish — Editor]. According to him, the entire Cyberpunk 2077 story campaign is playable from start to finish. But it may not have all the proper finalized assets and obviously hasn’t gone through any of the rigorous QA, playtesting, and bug fixing that will probably take a long time to fix.

Nevertheless, the full story has come together and can be experienced from beginning to end, which Borzymowski explained is a critical step in the development process. He talked a little about the story, in which the main player character, who CD Projekt previously confirmed can be either male or female, is a mercenary fighting against the system. But overall, he expressed the liberation of getting this far.

“It gives you the answers to all of your doubts,” he said. “It just feels great.”

Despite the epic trailers however, the studio are keen to keep things personal, and the player will neither save the world nor destroy that system. Borzymowski explained that by discussing that it was not “just another part in this cyberpunk-industry cliché machine.” Although, most importantly for fans of The Witcher 3: Wild HuntCyberpunk 2077 will feature full-frontal nudity and romance options. And that is, in the end, probably what players care about the most.