Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition Sells Out, Fans Fear Overpriced Resales

Fallout 76 will be released later this year, and Bethesda‘s decision to manufacture a special edition of the game, called the Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition, has left fans excited about getting their hands on the limited edition package. Due to set players back $200, Bethesda had warned that only a certain amount would be made. That has hit gamers hard, and the news that the company has already sold out its pre-orders for the limited edition product has left players frustrated.

A quick check on Bethesda’s online store shows that the Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition is already out of stock, which goes to prove that Bethesda’s comments about it being a very limited edition were correct. That hasn’t led Fallout fans to let Bethesda off the hook, however, as global marketing manager Pete Hines found out to his cost on Twitter.

Hines responded to concerns from one gamer who expects to see plenty of Fallout 76 Power Armor editions sold for a hiked up price on some websites. Hines admitted that there would be no second batch of Fallout 76 Power Armor editions being produced in the future to that query. In further comments to the same disgruntled fan, he apologised for seeing the player miss out on purchasing one, but stated that it was only possible to manufacture a certain number to ensure that they were made in time for the game’s release on November 14.

Fans were warned that there would only be a select few of the Fallout 76 limited edition games made, so it’s hard to feel sympathy for those who did miss out. It’s up for debate if anyone will wing their way on to other websites and sold for a handsome profit, but expect to see one or two resold at least. Fallout 76 is released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, and serves as a prequel to Fallout 4.