Overwatch Last Halloween Skins Revealed

The last Halloween skins for Overwatch have been revealed alongside yesterday’s launch of the Halloween Terror event. Over the last week, Halloween skins have been teased for Moira, Doomfist, Widowmaker, Wrecking Ball, Pharah, and McCree. However, yesterday had some surprises in store for fans, as the last Halloween skins were revealed for Sombra, Soldier: 76, and Mei.

Unexpectedly, Sombra got the “Junkenstein’s Bride” skin. People had previously thought that this would go to either Moira or Widowmaker, but both of those heroes got other skins—”Banshee” and “Spider,” respectively. Sombra’s skin confirms one of the leaked skin titles that players were already expecting.

last Halloween skins

Another of these titles was “Slasher,” which people thought would either go to Genji, due to his sword, or to a hero that was suited to the slasher film genre, such as Roadhog. In the end, it went to Soldier: 76. The third and final skin to have been revealed was Mei’s “Pumpkin” skin.

last Halloween skins

This means that there’s no “Spider Queen” skin from the leaked skins list, which means that “Queen” was likely dropped from the title of Widowmaker’s “Spider” skin. Also, there is no “Ghost” skin, which was the final title on the leaked list. It is likely that “Ghost” was changed to “Banshee,” as banshees are seen as a kind of ghost in some mythological cycles. “Ghost” likely referred to Moira’s Fade ability, but Blizzard decided to opt for a more traditionally Irish skin in the form of “Banshee,” which is derived from the Irish term “bean sidhe,” meaning “fairy of the mounds.”

Halloween Terror is live on PS4, Xbox One, and PC now. As well as all of the skins to have been released, there are plenty of emotes, voice lines, highlight intros, and sprays that player can unlock from in-game Halloween loot boxes. The event is due to run until October 31.