New Hitman 2 Trailer Showcases All Locations

Warner Bros and IO Interactive have released a new Hitman 2 trailer that showcases all locations featured in the upcoming game. It provides our first look at the many exotic places that players will be visiting throughout the game, including Miami and Colombia. The sequel to 2016’s Hitman is slated to release for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 13, 2018.

The new Hitman 2 trailer is even accompanied by the narrating voice of protagonist Agent 47 himself and an unknown female character, giving us a glimpse into what the story holds this time around. Besides Miami and Colombia, the six confirmed locations that can be seen in the trailer include: Hawke’s Bay, Mumbai, Vermont, and the mysterious Isle of Sgàil. As a reminder, Hitman 2 will not be episodic in nature like its predecessor, which means that gamers can look forward to visiting all these locations in one complete package at launch.

The female narrating voice in the new Hitman 2 trailer ends her monologue by saying that no one is untouchable. The title of the trailer is also “Untouchable.” This might mean that Agent 47 will somehow find himself in more vulnerable situations, in what could be his most dangerous mission to date. Additionally, these six levels will not be the only ones available in the highly-anticipated game, as the developer has confirmed that remastered versions of all levels from 2016’s Hitman will also be made playable.

In other related news, IO Interactive has recently confirmed that it already has plans for a Hitman 3, as well as several more titles for further expansion of the franchise in the future. What’s more exciting is that future sequels might even feature more than 20 possible locations in a single title. The future of the Hitman franchise is very much alive in the hands of its current developer and publisher. In the meantime, check out the new Hitman 2 trailer “Untouchable” below.