Strange Brigade Sunken Kingdom DLC Available to Buy

The Strange Brigade Sunken Kingdom DLC pack is now available to buy. The second installment in the game’s “The Thrice Damned” expansion brings a new character, a new campaign level, and more to Rebellion’s swashbuckling action-adventure co-op title.

The reveal was made in a video posted to the Strange Brigade YouTube channel. Kicking things off in typical steampunk style, the footage shows off the new location for the latest campaign mission in Strange Brigade. Taking place in a sprawling underground cavern, players must navigate the various enemies, traps, and other pitfalls as they seek out new treasure, amulets and weapons to acquire.

The video also gives a brief introduction on the latest character to join the Strange Brigade ranks. Hachiro Shimizu, the master survivalist, is available to play as part of the Japanese naval officer expansion character pack. The DLC pack contains two new weapons in the Mikhailov-38 rifle and the Marchador TT pistol. A new throwable weapon – the shock grenade – and a new amulet power, known as the decaying demon blast, are also part of the expansion’s bundle.

Finally, two new free maps have been added to the game for the Horde and Score Attack modes in Strange Brigade. Players can take on varying degrees of difficulty in the Chamber map on Horde mode, or try out the Cut-Throat Caverns II and Forsaken City II to best their Score Attack scores.

The Thrice Damned II: The Sunken Kingdom is available to buy on the Xbox One, PS4, and Steam stores for $6.99 (£5.59). The Japanese naval officer character expansion pack can also be purchased at these locations for a fee of $7.99 (£6.39). If you’ve already bought the Strange Brigade season pass, however, you will be able to download both of these items free of charge. Strange Brigade is out now on the three platforms mentioned above.