Strange Brigade Photo Mode Update Announced by Rebellion

Rebellion have announced that a Strange Brigade photo mode update will be patched into the online multiplayer title. The new mode is due to arrive on Monday, November 26 alongside a new difficulty mode that will test players’ mettle. Both modes will be free to download on all platforms.

The reveal was made in an official post on Rebellion’s wesbite. The Strange Brigade photo mode will, naturally, allow players to take selfies and photographs. The game’s picturesque settings will offer a number of stunning backdrops to any images that players take. Strange Brigade users will be able to pause their gameplay to take their snapshots to prevent enemies overwhelming them and tearing them apart. The photo mode will come with a number of adjustable sliders, such as focus, aperture, and more. It will also allow players to overlay their photographs with filters and frames, such as a humorous “Wish you were here!” photoframe.

Meanwhile, the Strange Brigade extreme mode ups the ante and makes enemies much more formidable to defeat. Rebellion have revealed that only the bravest of explorers should tackle this game mode, unless players want to be bowled over by the sheer force of their foes.

“Extreme Mode is a brand new difficulty level, and definitely not for the faint hearted,” a Rebellion statement read. “Enemies now pack even more of a punch, and they can take a lot more of what you’re giving – so you need to get tactical, use your environment, and for goodness sake, adventurers, try to stay alive!”

The latest update will also offer a new Horde map and two new Score Attack maps for players to try and beat too. This will pre-empt the final post-launch DLC campaign update – The Pyramid of Bes – which will arrive before December. Strange Brigade is out now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.