PUBG PS4 Release Date Listed on Amazon

[Update] The Amazon listing has been removed, and the link now directs to Amazon’s generic “we couldn’t find that page” webpage. We have added a screenshot of the page below.

The PUBG PS4 listing before it was removed by Amazon.

[Original Story] A listing for “Player Unknown Battlegrounds – PlayStation 4” has appeared on Amazon. PUBG PS4 has long been rumored, and hoped for by fans of the game. The release is unconfirmed by Sony or PUBG Corp, but grants credence to the existence of a PS4 release of the battle royale game.

The Amazon page for PUBG PS4 appears to be a placeholder, as there is no box art, and little product information. For starters, “Player Unknown Battlegrounds” is not the title’s official name, and the product description is simply the word “sorry.” Furthermore, the listing’s “About the product” section is the phrase “not available yet” split between three bullet points. The listing is by Sony Interactive Entertainment, while the game was published on Xbox One by Microsoft through a contract. A release date is listed, however, for December 8, 2018. The date comes two days after The Game Awards, meaning a PS4 reveal could happen at that event.

The PS4 listing, if legitimate, would suggest that PUBG will release just under a year after the title launched on the Xbox One as a game preview. Rumors of PUBG PS4 have sprung up again earlier this week, when a ResetEra thread revealed key art for the game exists on PSN. Sony and PUBG Corp have yet to announce anything official, but a PS4 rating for PUBG leaked from the Korean Ratings Board  in September.

PUBG was announced for Xbox One during Gamescom last year last year, at the time it was suggested to be exclusive to that platform. The new rumors and leaks regarding PUBG on PS4 point to it having been a timed exclusive for Microsoft’s console, and that the game will be on the PS4 by the end of the year. Fortnite, PUBG‘s main competitor, has been available on PS4 since last year, and has eclipsed the more realistic battle royale game’s popularity.