Fallout 76 Faction PvP and New Vaults Promised

Fallout 76 is out this week, and Bethesda has posted an adorable and heartfelt letter on its Twitter feed to Fallout fans and anyone planned on picking up the game. However, in-between the thank yous and the promises to fans, are some interesting details on new features the developer is planning on adding to the game. This includes Fallout 76 faction PvP, new Vaults to explore, and more.

At the moment, PvP in Fallout 76 is rather basic. Once you reach level 5 you can opt-in to PvP with other players, make someone your enemy, and then attack each other, but no matter what both parties have to agree. The beta, which is basically the launch version of the game, did not have any specific quests that launched large-scale PvP events (other than player Bounties). Likewise the Factions you could join in the game, like the Responders or the Order of Mysteries, cannot “go to war” with other Factions, like in Fallout: New Vegas for example. Faction-based PvP would be a welcome inclusion.

Likewise, the absence of any Vaults other than the starting location of Vault 76 is a sticking point for many Fallout fans. The Vaults are usually a highlight of any Fallout game, so it’s good to hear that Bethesda are planning on including some for players to explore. Other new features that Bethesda promises include CAMP building improvements, new quests and missions, and character respecing. At the moment players cannot change their look or respec their skills, so that’s a very welcome inclusion.

Other changes already promised by Bethesda include a push-to-talk function, ultra-wide resolution support on PC, larger stash sizes, and possibly even text chat. Regardless, as a Fallout MMO that Bethesda plans on keeping online forever, we should expect plenty of changes to come to the game. Except for war, of course. That never changes.