Overwatch Free Weekend Is Live, Go Kick Ashe And Take Names

The Overwatch free weekend is live for PC and console players. There’s no better way to enjoy the holiday! After you’ve woken up from your turkey coma, the troubling reality of having to deal with relatives will inevitably set in. What better way to avoid that awkward conversation with Uncle Rudy than by ignoring him entirely and playing some video games? An Overwatch free weekend is a great way to spend your time and preserve your sanity.

Getting access to the Overwatch free weekend is a pretty straightforward process. PC players have it easy: simply download the Blizzard Battle.net desktop client to start things off. You’ll have to make a free Blizzard account (or log in with an existing one if you’ve signed up already). Once that’s done, load up the app and click on the Overwatch icon on the left column in the app. Select your region, click the Install button, and you’re good to go!

Console players will go through a similar process, although the Overwatch free weekend isn’t entirely free for them. PS4 and Xbox One players will need a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold membership, respectively. If you have that part covered, you’ll just have to search for the game in the store. Download the free trial and get to playing!

The vast majority of the game’s content will be available for players during the Overwatch free weekend. The main restriction is the lack of Competitive Play modes – a totally understandable prospect considering how important it is to disincentivize poor gameplay and cheating in that game mode. Other than that, gamers can enjoy the remainder of the game’s content including Ashe, the latest hero added to the game and introduced in the Reunion short that debuted at this year’s Blizzcon. Just bear in mind that your aim might feel a little bit off if you’ve got a powerful PC.

If you like the game enough to buy it, Blizzard’s Black Friday sale has the game available at a crazy-good discount. You can pick up Overwatch for $14.99 or your regional equivalent and the Legendary Edition is just five bucks more. Existing players can also just upgrade their existing Standard Edition at a nicely discounted price. In the meantime, go and kick some Ashe in the Overwatch free weekend before it ends on November 26!