Drake’s Fortnite Account Allegedly Hacked, Uses Racist Language During Ninja Livestream

Ninja first gained notoriety for streaming a game of Fortnite with notable rap star Drake. But with Drake’s Fortnite account allegedly hacked, the two are linked together again for all the wrong reasons.

It started when a account by the name of Duddus647 joined a game of Fortnite that Ninja was in. It was close to Drake’s PlayStation 4 handle TheBoyDuddus. Ninja believed it was Drake using his Epic account, texting him to make sure.

They went on to play the game, without any confirmation from Drake himself. The account was completely silent at first, and everything was going smoothly. When Ninja started to take out opponents, however, the account finally spoke, going on a tirade and using the n-word repeatedly. The clip can be seen below, but warning: this obviously contains offensive and racist language:

Once the tirade began, Ninja immediately left the game and said that he would inform Drake that his account had been hacked, pointing out that the player had been playing on a PC rather than a PS4, which Drake had used in the past. He also noted that the account had a high ping level, similar to that of someone from Europe.

Ninja said that he would be reporting the player to Epic Games. There isn’t confirmation if this is actually Drake’s account, or someone using a name close enough that Ninja would allow it in his game.

The stream that the incident in question took place on was for the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund, which supports global conservation efforts for critically endangered species. Despite the incident, the stream raised $52,000.

Ninja has been gaining mainstream appeal over the last year due to his notable following. He’s appeared on the cover of ESPN The Magazine, and has also appeared on The Ellen Show. However, he has gotten his own fair share of controversy in recent weeks. His reporting of someone who he claimed “stream sniped” him in Fortnite got some blowback from his own fanbase.