Anthem Closed Alpha Starts Next Month

You only have just over a week to prepare yourselves as EA has announced that the Anthem closed alpha will start on December 8. The Anthem closed alpha will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and will only run for two days across multiple sessions.

EA advises that the Anthem closed alpha will act as an opportunity for a limited number of fans to have a look at the game before launch. The company also advises that they’ll be making adjustments on the fly so gameplay may be interrupted or just a bit different during these tests.

Those who are looking to play on Xbox or PlayStation should also be aware that since the alpha is completely online, you’ll need Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus to take part.

Because of this, the Anthem closed alpha is being kept strictly limited and sign-ups will close at the end of the day on December 3. It’s also important to note that joining the alpha involves agreeing to non-disclosure requirements so you won’t be able to share or stream anything you experience. You’ll also have to start over from scratch when the game launches as nothing from the Anthem closed alpha will anything carry over to the full game.

If you’re interested in trying for a shot at experiencing what Anthem has to offer before it officially releases, then you can find all the details on how to register here. Be warned as you can only register on one platform. EA has also said that you can also join the waitlist in case they decide to expand the tests if all the spots for the Anthem closed alpha are filled.

We knew the game was in Alpha back in September with a demo promised to come next year but this surprise drop is a nice tease while we wait for the full release.