Last Week’s Koei Tecmo Teaser Was for a Horse Racing Game

Koei Tecmo revealed a teaser website for its next game last week. The internet quickly entered a tizzy as the site’s only text translated to “the fated battle begins.” That game, it turns out, is a new horse racing game.

Winning Post 9 is the game in question, and it is coming to PS4, Switch, and PC in March 2019. The game is only for Japan, as have nearly all of its predecessors. Last week’s teaser site had little to no information, only a fiery background, the aforementioned text, and a December 6 date. That date coincides with this year’s Game Awards, which brought speculation that Koei Tecmo was teasing something like Dynasty Warriors.

For those excited about Winning Post 9, it looks to be adding a lot to the series. Ryokutya2089 has a rundown of information on the game. It will retail for 8,800 yen (roughly $78) and evolves the series’ racing scenes. Also new are bond commands, learned and honed through the bonding system between jockey and horse. A new “world suitability” system brings geography into the mix, with elements displaying a horse’s suitability for regions. “Rival showdowns” puts greater emphasis on player character’s rivals, which include horses and jockeys.

Koei Tecmo has a number of games already slated for release next year. Samurai Warriors 4 DX was announced for PS4 and Switch earlier this week. Dead or Alive 6 will be out in February. Nioh 2 was announced at E3, although no date was attached. Winning Post 9 adds another exciting game to Koei Tecmo’s 2019 release calendar.

If you are disappointed in this reveal from Koei Tecmo, fret not. The Game Awards are just around the corner and is expected to bring a number of game reveals. Prey, the Metroid Prime trilogy, Far Cry, Dragon Age 4, a new Obsidian Entertainment game, and more have been confirmed or rumored to have announcements at the show. The Game Awards is scheduled for Thursday December 6, 2018 and will begin at 5:30 p.m. PR (8:30 p.m. ET). It will stream on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and just about any other place you can think of. Maybe not PlayStation Home though.