Far Cry New Dawn Box Art Leaks

While Ubisoft likely wanted to get ahead of leaks with its teaser yesterday, it appears the company couldn’t get ahead of every leak. The new Far Cry game box art has been unofficially unveiled along with its apparent title: Far Cry New Dawn. Ubisoft has not acknowledged the box art’s existence. However, a full reveal is happening tonight at The Game Awards. (This article contains spoilers for Far Cry 5.)

A ResetEra users found the box art, which shows two women with a few pieces of makeshift gear and a saw blade gun while a screaming man is tied to the roof of a car. The background looks to be Montana straight from Far Cry 5 after the nuclear blast that was in one of the endings. However, given the words of the teaser trailer, this is years later after the place has had a chance to rebuild.

far cry new dawn box art

Far Cry has typically had its antagonists on the box art and we don’t yet know if this is the case for Far Cry New Dawn. The two women could suggest a cooperative campaign or be yet another duo of villains. Aside from the silent custom character you could create in Far Cry 5, the series has not featured a playable woman protagonist yet.

The setting, which is reminiscent of Rage 2‘s color scheme, also looks to be taking inspiration from other post-apocalyptic games like Fallout. Aside from the pistol, there are multiple weapons with tape and weapons strapped to them. The woman on the left also has roller hockey pads on, which is yet another aspect that points to this being a game based more on survival.

However, we will learn more details tonight at The Game Awards where Ubisoft initially promised a bigger reveal. We’ll also be discovering if the Alien Isolation sequel is real along with Dragon Age 4, the Metroid Prime Switch ports, Crash Team Racing remaster, and more.