Donut County Switch and Xbox One Versions Announced, Releasing Later This Month

The raccoons are moving in to gentrify another set of consoles. The Donut County Switch and Xbox One versions were announced earlier today and will release on December 18. A price was not announced but the game is currently $12.99 on PSN.

Creator Ben Esposito issued a statement on Twitter concerning the newly announced Donut County Switch and Xbox One ports.

“Heh HehH heh heh,” he tweeted.

No extra content was mentioned in the announcement tweet so it will likely just be the same exact game but on a different set of platforms. However, that should be much of a deal given how well it was received when it originally came out in August for the PS4, iOS, and PC. It was lauded for its sense of humor and distinct style as well as its simple, yet alluring gameplay loop of putting objects into holes.

The game has also been recently gathering accolades in the early throes of the awards season. It won iPhone Game of the Year by the Apple App Store team and was also nominated for Best Debut Indie Game and Best Mobile Game at 2018 The Game Awards. It lost to The Messenger and Florence respectively but it’s an honor to be nominated. The game is also currently on sale on PSN for $9.09 because of that nomination as a part of The Game Awards Sale on the almost all platforms.

We interviewed Esposito near the game’s original launch and went into how Donut County came to be along with the title’s obsession with quadcopters. Esposito came up with the idea for Donut County years ago and slowly transformed it into what it is today. It was formally unveiled at PSX 2017 through a silly trailer featuring raccoons playing a PS4 version of the game and inquiring about the game’s platinum trophy.